Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Effects of God

I can see that a lot of what the Bible says works out as true... like living with an attitude of service (I interpret that as trying to give more than you receive - to make the world a better place).
But that doesn't mean that God exists... it just means that some things that people said in the context of him existing made sense and/or were true.
So what is there in the Bible that requires God to exist.
Or more pertinently to me - what exists today that requires God to exist?
People getting a buzz from singing - No.
People enjoying belonging to something - No.
People serving others - No.
Miracles - Probably.
Prophecy - Maybe a little.

Anything else?

So if miracles happen then does it mean God exists? Or is there still another explanation?
Maybe something spiritual / other-worldy other than God?
I don't know - do you?

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